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modern living space with roller blinds


Made to measure, delivered and fitted by Beckys Blinds, Southport’s blinds specialists and approved Luxaflex dealers.

Luxaflex Gallery dealer


The Luxaflex collection includes the Twist, Roller, Duette and Silhouette, and even includes an array of beautiful awnings for outdoor use.


Luxaflex blinds and shades are industry-leading in their bold, innovative yet elegant choice of designs, boasting sublime fabrics that give you total control of your light, temperature and privacy levels. The perfect option for greener homes and businesses with a keen eye on the future.


Why not get in touch now to speak to a member of the Becky Blinds customer care team about your new window dressings, or arrange a visit to our showroom in Southport?

Twist Roller Blinds in contemporary living space


Luxaflex Twist® Roller Blinds are an innovative twist on the classic roller blind design. Flexible and easy to operate, they allow you to manage light and privacy levels with ease, providing a seamless transition between night and day. These elegant blinds are a versatile option for any window and offer a clean and understated look for your home.

  • Combine alternating sheer and solid fabric bands in a single-blind, making for excellent levels of light and privacy control

  • Blinds that boast an elegant, contemporary design

  • Easy to operate

  • Made to measure

  • Compatible with smart controls for remote light control

Luxaflex Twist


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Duette® Shades diffuse light to beautiful effect, creating comfortable, well-insulated spaces which are a joy to pass the time in. The unique fabric provides excellent levels of temperature regulation, making these blinds the hands-down sustainable option for those who crave a thermally efficient home all through the year.


Select which operating option best suits your living space, choosing from cordless, retractable cord, manual or motorised.

  • Available in 3 pleat widths to best suit your window shape and size

  • Excellent levels of light control and filtration

  • Creates a highly insulating barrier for a more energy-efficient and sustainable home

  • Available in a wide assortment of fabrics and levels of transparency

  • Smart controls are backed by the Ultraglide child-safe operating system

Duette blinds in minimalist open-plan space
Luxaflex Duette
Silhouette Shades in chic living room


Silhouette® shades allow you to truly perfect the art of window styling. Floating vanes of stylish fabric transform the sunlight into ambient natural light. Simply tilt the veins for more natural daylight spread evenly throughout the room, whilst filtering out brightness and glare.

  • Boasting an array of neutral tones and attractive colours that truly pop, the Silhouette® can complement any style of décor

  • The innovative design means excellent levels of privacy - even in the daytime when the vanes are open

  • Made to measure

  • Compatible with smart controls

  • Enhances the natural light with none of the glare or discomfort

Luxaflex Silhouette


For those who just can’t get enough of clean lines and economical design, Pirouette® Shades are the perfect solution, offering a no-frills contemporary aesthetic backed by gorgeous fabrics and variable light control functionality.

Pirouette® blinds have been designed in a choice of two vane widths. Choose from Petite or Grande to work perfectly within your window proportions.


The vanes are available in either Semi Opaque or Room Darkening for complete control over your light: effortlessly creating the desired mood in your space.

  • Available in semi-opaque or room-darkening opacities

  • UV filtering technology protects your furniture and floors

  • The revolutionary Pirouette® ClearView® fabric provides variable light control, transforming the light that enters your home into a warm and comforting glow

  • Opening and closing your blinds is achieved in one fluid, graceful motion

Pirouette Shades in room with floral wallpaper
Luxaflex Pirouette
DUETTE blind 2112
Beckys Blinds logo

Talk to the Beckys Blinds team about your Custom-made Luxaflex blinds, today.


Call 01704 548247 or visit our showroom at 45a Sussex Rd, Southport PR9 0SR

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